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Our seasoned professionals come from diverse international backgrounds; therefore, you will likely be able to explain your goals in your native language. Let us start working together on your company expansion today.


From opening bank accounts to incorporating your company. Our team will lead the way and provide you with all the necessary documents to open your business in the United States.

Accounting & Taxes

Focus on what is important to your business and let Foreign Solution handle your back office. Our team will manage your foreign accounting operations and file your taxes.


From day one it is important to have a strong marketing presence. Foreign Solution develops logos, websites, brochures, business cards, and any other marketing need that you have.

Legal Guidance

Our vast network of experienced professionals have years of experience in the United States. Legal assistance services are offered through our partners who will gladly help you.

Can I open a company in the United States?

The short answer is: Yes. However, there are important things to take into consideration.

Non-residents have to go through the same steps as a resident when opening a business; however, there are additional complications. For most non-residents, visas, taxes and establishing a bank account can be challenging. Each of these topics can be very complicated without proper guidance. Contact us today for a commitment free consultation and we will go in more depth on topics of your interest.

Why open a company in the US?

Gain access to the capital markets in the US and at the same time boost your company's reputation. Selling in the US market not only expands your costumer base, but also helps you from a customs and tax point of view. You might even be eligible to get a visa to work in the US.

What type of business entity?

The answer to this question varies from case to case. The most common types of business entities are Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC). Each structure has their individual sets of pros and cons. For example you should not open a Corporation to hold real estate, while an LLC should be avoided if you are looking to go public in the future.
  • Foreign Solution set my business in a blink of an eye. Their advice was on point and my new website has made lead acquisition much easier.
    - Gloria Potes, Real Estate Investor

What is our company creation process?

Foreign Solution provides in-depth personalized services that follows three simple stages to lead you in the right direction in the United States.

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